20 October
Samtidskonstdagarna 2021
16:00 - 18:00

[*]To participate, go to Statenskonstråd
Welcome to an online presentation of this years Artist in Retreat and the project 'Birds don't take the train, but we do'.
An evening of readings and conversations, sharing of artworks and thoughts from the visits to Blekinge. There will be several opportunities to ask questions and talk with the artists.
26 July 2021
Elisa Cuesta joins the project
29 July 2021
Serene Hui joins the project
23 August 2021
Vicky de la Torres joins the project
28 July 2021
Rosa van Walbeek joins the project
24 September 2021
Haevan Lee joins the project
Live and online meetings in The Hague [NL] and on ZOOM once every second week
28 September 2021
Lecture by Christoffer Sandahl from Blekinge Museum.
––An introduction to Blekinge and its history.
12 September 2021
Online platform and drive for collective work, thinking and planing
25 September 2021
We have an e-mail:
26 September 2021
The website in its initial form is published
26 September 2021
Aristis are paired with specific
islands in the Blekinge archipelago:
Haevan – Hästholmen
Elisa – Tomtö
Vicky – Långören
Rosa – Varö & Eneskär
Serene – Torhamnaskär (fictionally through physical visits to Sharp Island in the Hong Kong archipelago)
Xenia – Godnatt
Tickets to & from Blekinge booked
28 September 2021
Graphic profile developed:
the map, the islands, the lines, the yellow, the fonts, the calligraphy and handwritings
27 September 2021
Birds don't take the train but we do
1 October 2021
Social media accounts for archiving
–– Facebook, Instagram and Tiktoc
22 July 2021
Xenia invites artists
October 2021
Live and online meetings in The Hague [NL], Blekinge [SE] and on ZOOM once every second week
27 October
17:30 - 18:30
Instagram live & on zoom
29 October
Artist in Retreat Blekinge-special
19:00 - 20:30
Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81938880372
6 May 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Page Not Found, The Hague [NL]
Presentation of project and launch of box-exhibition.
Live and online through ZOOM.

ZOOM link --------->

Facebook event ---->
8-9 April 2022
NEST, The Hague [NL]
Exhibition of the residency project
2 October 2021
Website is reshaped and published
14 October 2021
Lecture with Naturum Blekinge, Ronneby about the nature in Blekinge, wild life in archipelago and bird migrations
16 - 31 October 2021
Artists are visiting Blekinge
20 October 2021
Online presentation and performance at Samtidskonstdagarna
–––Lecture with Tim Holappa, researcher Stockholm University
29 October 2021
Performance presentation for Blekinge on ZOOM
Post-intensive reflection and discussion circles
––Excursion to Tomtö
––Walking throughs seasonal wetlands
––Burial of Elisa Cuesta's ceramic piece
––Excursion to Hästholmen and Ytterön
––Excursion to Torhamnsskär
––Visited military areas of Hästholmen
––Excursion to Karlskrona and Trossö
––Visit to Blekinge Museums magazine and archive in Rosenholm
––Met the Stone Age dog
––Excursion to Långören
––Luncheon on the Rocks
––Migratory Birds in Pine trees
––The Pilot tower of Långören
––Visited Systrarna Lindquist cafe
––Visited Marinmuseum and looked at submarines
––Archipelago boat
––Visited Lenas Café and had 'rågskorpa'
––Visited Hästhallen's stone carvings
––Walking around in Karlskrona Town
––Excursion to Sharp Island in the Hong Kong Archipelago
––Bedtime Stories
––Looked for Aurora and Nordic Lights but they never came…
––The seal in Hallarumsviken
30 October - 01 November 2021
Artist left Blekinge
01 November 2021
Reimagined the meanings and contents of the stone carvings at Hästhallen
––What if the "warm-figure" in the stone carvings at Hästhallen actually is an eel?!!
––Elisa and Vicky cooked tortilla in a very heavy iron pan
––Vicky made onion soup
––Rosa posts blue box with birds on train from Netherlands to Blekinge
––Excursion to Varö
22 May 2022
Blekinge Museum
Öppet hus i Magasinet Rosenholm.
Presentation av residenset och visning av projektets konstverk: online-arkivet 'artistinretreat.se' och box-utställningen 'Birds don't take the train, but we do'
Design and planing of final presentation, exhibitions and what would become the box
DECEMBER 2021 – APRIL 2022
Production of the exhibition box and it's included publications and objects
––Printing of postcards
––Wood workshop and construction of box
––Printing of Elisa's drawing book
––designing of box
––Drawing, making and printing of posters
––Construction of the paper house model over the residency house 'Oscars Ro'
––Writing of reflective texts
––Designing and printing of the reflective text booklet
––exhibition at NEST Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
––preparation for final presentation and stream at the gallery 'Page not Found', The Hague, Netherlands
––Final presentation and experimental research workshop at 'Page Not Found'
––research workshop on re-imagining stone carvings online and live
––To be continued:
––Printing of the cookbook