From the clouds, Långören gives the impression of being a haven for peace, joy and pleasure, full of life and energy. From the humid ground, the silence is only broken by our shoes stepping on the fallen leaves.
Långören is known for hosting the sea pilots that truly knew how their way to the island. Others would probably sank in the twisted waters that surround the archipelago. As of today, formers pilot's families still populate the area... but when we went there, there was no one.
We had lunch on the rocks with the soundtrack of the little kingsbirds preparing their migratory passage.

A red tower governs the sights of the ghost village. It is moored to the ground, scared of loosing its stubborn fight with the wind.
Old bunkers and towers of communications merge with the landscape; infrastructures of fear that languish behind the lichens, echoing the anxiety for a conflict that never happened.